Between Us and the Unseen

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".. But magic is neither good nor evil. It is a tool, like a knife. Is a knife evil? Only if the wielder is evil.. "
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Between Us and the Unseen

Kali ini saya mau pake bahasa inggris lagi yaw... yang gak ngerti resiko dah..hahaha

I've came from my friend's house just now to do some exorcicsm stuff. You know what? what makes the spirits angry is the HUMAN. 

The spirit said (the Big one, people here call them as Buto), "They making noise, they use "zoo words" in everyway they talk, they are selfish creature that never concern about the unseen's lifes, they just do what they wanna do, they do not respect the unseen."

I just like, "Gosh! again?!" almost 80% problem between human and spirits is the Human do not know and some do not believe spirits existence, so they just do whatever they want. It's not human's fault, it's not spirit's too, the main problem is, most of astral practicioner keep silent about the truth that Human must know something about unseen, so they can more carefull when doing their activity, respet the unseen, and they will respect us too.

I think you guys agree that we can't accept if our neighbour throw garbage in front of our door, imagine that happen on the unseen's door, cause by us. I think you guys know about garbage, no one civilized creature like that thing, except amoeba and worm. For most creature, garbage not only stinks, they have negative energy too than can affect the unseen. It's normal when they get mad and warn us about their existence, BUT most of human will consider that they the one who disturb us, most of human are wrong. We can't see them doesn't mean they do not exist, show our respect by controlling all our activities, if you can't even sense them just say "EXCUSME" in your mind, that will affect them, when they got respected, the will help you or at least they can understand our lives.

Here i'll tell you how too offer the unseen :

1.) The most easy way is always say excusme in everything you wanna do, especially an outdoor activity, or disturbing activity

2.) Do you smoke? if you do, just burn them 1 cigar and put in mind to dedicate it for them, you can put the cigar in anything possible. (be carefull of fire burn you house)

3.) Give them an neutral energy ball (for experts), remember, NEUTRAL not positif not negatif, some of them need little negative to balancing their energy.

Okay, thats should do guys, i think as a civilized creature you can accept their existence in your  way, they world is around us, if we destroy our world, that will affect them too, so be careful.

What will happen if we doon't care to them? if we disturb them, they'll warn us with some weird sensation, even voice, or the most dangerous is they try to consume all our energy, if they do, we'll lost our wealth energy (wealth means all good things healthy, money, love, dignity, etc). Even when you strong enough to fight them and maybe kill them, you still got Karma and bad luck.

Okay, Ithink thats enough to inform you guys about how to keep you safe from the unseen's bad act. Matur suwun guys~

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