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My First Article

Kali ini saya mau pake bahasa inggris ah... biarin aja yang gak ngerti sukurin :P

My first article is about why i wrote all of this junk , I make this blog to share my experience with you and share some of my own magick formulas (not all formulas i put here is mine, but 80% YES). I love to do some research about astral energy, combine it, and make something new.

I'am also a Conjurer, i'am practicing shamanic magic, a mixing type (LOL) from wicca to solomonist, from angelic to demonic, from Sky to Underworld. Like i said, There is no Light without Darkness. 

It's boring to saw Light war against Dark everyday, every single fu**in day! Did you know what the difference between white magick and black magick? the only difference is their energy source, white is from the sky, black is from underworld, they both can do good and bad, they are all same (i'm not talking about religion shit, sin, heaven, etc) Yes, i'am talking about magick itself.

So, why don't we help each other because we need each other, our weakness is our opposite, why not make our POWER is our opposite? we are human, we can do better than this. we have brain and heart to do magick, why use it to hurt other people when we think they wrong, why dont we use our brain to think and look from the other side and understand them, cure them.

All i wanna say is, magick has no power if you fight others, it only has power when you fight yourself, defeat yourself, gain control to understand and help others. Dont think about sin, hell, heaven, etc just think and feel about US, earth, spirits, our kind, peace, then God (&Goddess) must love you.

In this site, i wanna talking about all aspect of magick, about "Conscious", about ourself and how to manage it, how to think, how to feel, how to be a HUMAN.